Beeldi allows the real estate sector to make the best decisions on their buildings to move faster towards sustainability

Founded in 2017 by Kévin Le Port, Thomas Feltrin and Anthony Ambrosio, Beeldi makes it possible to produce reliable data on buildings equipment, then drawing the best decisions in terms of renovation investments.

At world level, The real estate sector accounts for 38% of global CO2 emissions, up to 40% of this being the mere energy consumption of buildings throughout their lifetime. In France, both the regulatory framework and the evolving client expectations are strong incentives to change.

The company started out as a platform allowing facility managers to digitize the audit of technical equipment in buildings. It then evolved to allow asset managers to use this data to make better decisions for their buildings, and collaborate more easily with their facility manager.

7000+ buildings

100k+ items audited every month

Beeldi provides asset managers with a way to better maintain and renovate their buildings.

As it helps them move faster towards sustainability, Beeldi falls into our Environmental Transition impact thesis.

  • Entrepreneurs: Kévin Le Port, Thomas Feltrin and Anthony Ambrosio
  • Founded: 2017
  • Partnered: 2022
  • HQ: Paris, France